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Known for his sophisticated, modern designs combined with the latest advancements in lighting technology and expert craftsmanship, Sean Lavin finds inspiration in experiencing new environments, cultures, architecture and fashion. He believes lighting is just as powerful as other major design elements to create a specific style and mood in a space. To introduce his collection, Mr. Lavin generously shared some insights into his design process and inspiration.


CL: Where does your passion for design come from?
SL: My passion for lighting comes from traveling and experiencing new environments, cultures, architecture, artwork, fashion and interior design that’s elevated and unique. These experiences translate into my design process.


CL: What are some of your favorite pieces (of all time, or at the moment), and what inspired their designs?
SL: When designing around LED technology, you’re typically concealing the heat sink within an object. My intent around the Amira Pendant
was to highlight the functional beauty of the heat sync by making it the focal point of the overall design by capturing it within clear, mouth-blown glass.

 Amira Pendant in Satin Nickel and Clear/Copper


SL: The Akimbo Linear Suspension resembles a leafless, winter tree branch with birds resting upon it. The Edison-style light bulbs represent the energy of the birds, and unlike most straight hanging systems, these overlap in a random, asymmetrical pattern creating the notion of the flight path of the birds.

 Akimbo Linear Suspension in Antique Bronze


SL: The Ecran Pendant embodies the intricate textile patterns evident in interior design today. I especially like the three, elegant patterns created with real platinum and gold. I named it after the French word for “screen.”

Ecran Pendant in Clear-Polished Platinum Moroccan


SL: With its 22 stems forming tiers that taper at varying angles and lengths, the Patrona Chandelier is my modern interpretation of the classic crystal chandelier. Each of the stems bears a sleek, crystal shade illuminated by a gently diffused LED.

 Patrona Chandelier in Satin Gold


SL: I was at Maison&Objet in Paris when I saw a box of spinning tops that created a beautiful, intrepid motion. The Ryker Pendant captures that motion with all of its banding, making it simple yet visually complex. The spun metal shade’s rubberized matte finish softens the crisp inflections, adding to its modern industrial aesthetic.

Ryker Small Pendant in Black


CL: What is your favorite design “rule” to break?
SL: “Play it safe” is one rule I like to break.  If you look at all the great design talent on this site, you can tell that they stretch outside of their comfort zones to push the limits and set new trends. That’s what defines them and that’s what it’s all about. 


CL: Describe your ideal interior environment.
SL: Clean, minimal, well-appointed details, refinement and superior construction. Most of all, peaceful.


CL: What is your favorite thing in your home that you didn’t design?
SL: My Eames chair in my home office. It’s so comfortable and well-proportioned. That 1950s design has held up throughout the years; there’s a reason it’s in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.



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