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Client Spotlight: Wendy Word Design

Client Spotlight: Wendy Word Design

Left: Wendy Word / Right: Megan Acuna / Photography by Ryan Garvin

Wendy Word Design is known for creating unique, lasting and livable environments that embody an easy elegance. Word and her team specialize in all aspects of interior design, working from the initial concept phase throughout the construction process to achieve a fully appointed custom home for each and every client. The Los Angeles-based designer generously answered a some questions and shared a few projects featuring our lighting.

Eugene Medium Pendant by Thomas O'Brien
Photography by Ryan Garvin

Q: Do you have a favorite space to design in a house?

A: Kitchens, for sure!

Goodman Medium Hanging Light by Thomas O'Brien / Boston Functional Single Arm Library Light by E.F. Chapman / Photography by Molly Goodman

Q: What makes kitchens your favorite?

A: They are always a tall order and I love the challenge of not only meeting all of the clients’ functional needs but designing something beautiful in form. There are so many directions a kitchen can take. Echoing the style of the rest of the home, we gotta nail it!

Clark Flush Mount by Thomas O'Brien / Photography by Ryan Garvin

Q: How do you and your Senior Designer, Megan, collaborate on each project?

A: Megan and I have been working together for over a decade now, wow. Our collaborative process has really become quite seamless. At this point she is basically a mind reader and knows my moves before I even do. We really get each other when it comes to design and what’s right for each client; definitely better together. 

Perry Ceiling Light by Thomas O'Brien / Photography by Ryan Garvin

Q: How did you get started?

A: What started out in 2004 as a strictly part-time pursuit limited to interiors has evolved into Wendy Word Design. We are now a team of 5 much more heavily entrenched on the construction side of our projects with architects and developers doing custom builds and remodels for our clients. Interiors are still that icing on the cake and the big reveal never gets old!

Gannet Table Lamo by AERIN / Photography by Ryan Garvin

Q: What is your greatest source of inspiration?

A: Travel, travel, travel! I love to get out of the bubble and be inspired by different cities and cultures. It’s difficult to make the time but when I do I feel so creatively refreshed and ready to bring renewed vision to our projects.

French Library Double Arm Wall Lamp by Studio VC / Studio Floor Lamp by Thomas O'Brien / Photography by Ryan Garvin

Q: What design elements do you find most crucial to a space?

A: The architecture and setting of a home really set the tone and a foundation for design to build upon. Beyond the architecture itself that informs the space, lighting is an essential element of design. From recessed to decorative, lighting creates a mood and feeling that can make or break a space. 

Aspect Library Sconce by Barbara Barry / Photography by Lauren Pressey

Q: Where do lighting selections fall in your design process?

A: Lights are always at the forefront when it comes to our design process. Not only does decorative lighting add so much beauty to a space but it also sets the mood. The ultimate form-meets-function design element. 

Boston Functional Single Arm Library Light by Chapman & Myers / Photography by Ryan Garvin

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: While impossible to pin down a single style as every project has its own aesthetic, we always aim to design spaces that are of the moment yet timeless, on-trend but not trendy… if you catch my drift.

Cleo Sconce by Kelly Wearstler / Sommerard Large Triple Arm Chandelier by AERIN / Photography by Lauren Pressey

Q: Do you have a favorite light fixture at the moment?

A: Nearly impossible to pick just one, but currently coveting the Sommerard Large Triple Arm Chandelier by AERIN in Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass and Black. We recently placed this fixture in a converted Porte Cochere turned teen lounge and we can’t get enough! 

Wilton Double Bath Light by Chapman & Myers
Photography by Ryan Garvin

Q: What made you want to become a designer? 

A: What’s not to love about a home that’s easy on the eyes!

Q: What do you love most about your work?

A: We love the collab! Getting to not only design for clients but WITH clients to make spaces unique to their lifestyle and aesthetic. It’s the absolute best—no surprise we’ve made lifelong friends as a result.


Follow @wendyworddesign and visit wendyworddesign.com to view more of her inspiring work!