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Katrina Hernandez and Joshua Greene of New York design firm Hernandez Greene are best known for their fresh, inviting and inspiring interiors. When Domino enlisted the design duo to decorate two model units at Manhattan condo building Citizen360, the result surpassed all expectations. Tour the luxurious yet livable units and shop the lighting featured throughout!

Photography by Victor Harshbarger.


In apartment 25A, Hernandez Greene layered a medley of textures in tones of white, grey and sandy beige. Tall ceilings and spacious rooms allowed for large-scale lighting, including a pair of Clarkson Chandeliers by AERIN and Carter Apothecary Pot Table Lamps by Ralph Lauren Home.

The designers selected a second Clarkson Chandelier by AERIN to light the minimalist dining area. The soft finish of the Linden Table Lamp by Kelly Wearstler stands out against latticework-patterned wallpaper in the adjacent study.

SHoP Architects designed the 34-story building in the Yorkville neighborhood of the Upper East Side with city views in mind. Hernandez Green selected sheer fabrics to accentuate the floor-to-ceiling windows featured throughout 25A. The master bedroom is lit by the Cristol Tiered Chandelier by AERIN overhead, and a pair of Carter Small Table Lamps by Ralph Lauren Home at the bedside.

Subtle hints of color were woven into the strictly neutral palette through artwork and accessories. The Alta Table Lamp by Kelly Wearstler accents a walnut dresser in the master bedroom. 


The designers showcased richer hues and materials in 25B, while maintaining a look Greene describes as "chic, clean, and approachable." The living room features the Gaios Table Lamp by AERIN and Morris Large Lantern by Suzanne Kasler.

Wave-patterned wallpaper sets the breezy tone of the master bedroom. The Volcanic Verdi finish of the Gaios Table Lamps by AERIN accentuates hints of green in the abstract painting above the headboard.

“Because the ceiling height is so high, you truly need large-sized pieces to fill those spaces,” Hernandez told Domino. The designers chose an impactful painting and the oversized Beton Large Table Lamp by Kelly Wearstler to achieve an intimate atmosphere in a spacious room.


An architectural canopy bed and bold wallpaper make a statement in the second of three bedrooms. Warm, neutral accents including the Gannet Table Lamps by AERIN evoke a cozy yet sophisticated feel.


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