Master the Art of the Mix with JLV Creative 

JLV Creative seamlessly fuses organic, earthy elements with polished and modern details. Step inside 16 of their most inspiring spaces to learn how they achieve their breezy mix of organic-meets-modern using lighting at every price point. 

For the team at JLV Creative, inspiration can come from anywhere — "textiles, organic materials, architecture, and experiencing different cultures and landscapes” are just a few sources that owner and principal designer Jesse Vickers lists. But in every project, from breezy residential spaces to boutique commercial work, their signature aesthetic shines through, seamlessly weaving together schemes that are equal parts organic and modern. “We’re half earthy, organic and textural and half color and pattern pop,” explains Jesse, “But we're always fresh and inviting.”
Established nearly a decade ago, JLV Creative has grown into a powerhouse design firm for residential and commercial projects across the Southeast. Jesse started the firm herself after a career in fashion and has since grown the firm to a team of 12 with offices in Charleston and Greenville. Now, Jesse gives us a glimpse behind the curtain and shares some of the bright ideas behind JLV Creative’s most inspiring spaces.

Bright Idea: The Drama Is in The Details 

Architecturally, this space was positioned as a breakfast nook, but the client wanted a dramatic dining space. Glamorous details like the Halcyon Large Three Tier Chandelier by Kelly Wearstler bring the drama without crowding the compact space.

The Loire Cascading Chandelier by AERIN / Photography by Margaret Wright

Bright Idea: Mix Metals

“When working with brass accents in a bathroom it is important to consider that plumbing fixtures, hardware, accessories, and lighting vendors often don’t have the same shade of brass,” says Jesse. “One way to approach this is with mixing metals for an intentional look, but in this case, the client wanted all brass in their primary bathroom. The Loire Cascading Chandelier by AERIN was a great option because the cloudy white hanging glass pieces created just enough of a visual space between the tub filler and the light fixture for the difference in brass to be less noticeable.”

Jane Task Sconce by ED Ellen DeGeneres / Photography by Margaret Wright

Bright Idea: Give Spaces Purpose With a Pop of Color 

The Jane Task Sconce by ED Ellen DeGeneres, paired with a lounging chair and pop of color, defines the space as a cozy reading nook. Here, the youthful aesthetic lends itself to a bit of budget savings and Jesse strategically opted for this Generation Lighting fixture that offers high style without a high price tag. 

Clark Flush Mount by Thomas O'Brien / Photography by Margaret Wright

Bright Idea: Let Architecture Lead  

JLV Creative chose the Clark Flush Mount by Thomas O'Brien to round out the classic architecture of this hallway.

Nodes Sconce by Kelly Wearstler / Photography by Margaret Wright

Bright Idea: Pair a Serious Palette with Playful Details   

“The pattern in the tile already created a happy environment so the addition of a whimsical, cute sconce was a perfect finishing touch,” says Jesse on the selection of the Nodes Sconce by Kelly Wearstler.

Openwork Long Sconce by Studio VC / Photography by Margaret Wright

Bright Idea: Sometimes Simple is Best  

In this bathroom, soothingly simple details and clean lines rule, so the unfussy lines of the Openwork Long Sconce by Studio VC was a natural fit.

Bright Idea: Reflect on It   

Jesse explains that the Osiris Large Reflector Chandelier by Thomas O'Brien was chosen for the striking reflective quality it creates against the plastered ceiling. In the corner, the Rousseau Double Boom Arm Floor Lamp by Kelly Wearstler adds to the drama.

Bright Idea: Make a Statement in the Stairwell    

“The ceilings in this residence did not offer a lot of opportunities for large scale fixtures,” explains Jesse. “The stairwell, however, was perfect for the Rousseau Large Articulating Chandelier by Kelly Wearstler. We love the patina of the brass and how it warmed up the lines of the fixture.”

Nuance Large Pendant by Kelly Wearstler / Photography by Margaret Wright

Bright Idea: Modern Kitchen Lighting   

A pair of Nuance Large Pendants in Aged Iron by Kelly Wearstler add a fresh touch to this stunning kitchen without creating visual clutter. 

Valen Small Pendant by Thomas O'Brien / Photography by Margaret Wright

Bright Idea: Use Finishes to Tie it All Together    

“This is a small place that has a lot of design elements. It was essential to keep things clean and make sure every item was really intentional,” says Jesse. “The hint of brass on the Valen Small Pendant by Thomas O'Brien played well off the brass art frame.”

Bright Idea: Pick One Wow Factor     

In this bathroom, the Utopia Large Double Bath Sconce by Kelly Wearstler lets the mirror take center stage. “Don’t feel the need to put a lot of wow factors in one room because sometimes they end up competing–it’s all about balance!” says Jesse.

Bright Idea: Switch It Up      

When placing a sconce bedside, Jesse advises to consider the convenience of independent switches for each user. She also proves that great looking rooms don't have to break the bank. The Jane Task Sconce by ED Ellen DeGeneres, as seen here, is stylish sconce option at an approachable price point. 

Clemente Table Lamp by AERIN / Photography by Margaret Wright

Bright Idea: Make it Pop       

The bright white finish and clean lines of the Clemente Table Lamp by AERIN stand out against the dark velvet headboard.

Bright Idea: Find Inspiration Everywhere      

 Jesse notes that the scheme for this room was inspired by menswear; overhead, the demure elegance of the Lorford Medium Semi-Flush Lantern by Chapman & Myers was just the fix. On the table, the Coquette Table Lamp by Kelly Wearstler marries form and function.

Alpine Medium Chandelier by AERIN / Photography by Margaret Wright

Bright Idea: Make a Big Statement in a Small Space       

JLV Creative chose the Alpine Medium Chandelier by AERIN to make a statement in this modestly sized primary bathroom. “Bold lighting goes a long way in adding personality and ‘wow’,” says Jesse.

Bright Idea: Go Big in Grand Spaces       

Vaulted ceilings call for statement lighting. Jesse notes that in this case, the budget-friendly Brianna Large Two-Tier Chandelier by ED Ellen DeGeneres “balances nicely against the oak beams while contrasting perfectly against the deep green focal wall.”


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