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  • ordering

    How do I place an order?

    Orders may be placed online, in our showrooms or by contacting one of our customer service representatives via email or phone:

    e/ customerservice@circalighting.com

    p/ 877.762.2323

    view our showroom locations


    When can I expect my order to arrive?

    In-stock items will ship within 7 business days. Please refer to the tracking number on your invoice for up-to-date delivery information.

    The estimated lead time for backordered items will be noted on your order confirmation. We recommend checking stock online or with a customer service representative prior to placing your order.


    How do I place a custom order?

    Customization options are available for a selection of our products. Our customer service representatives will be happy to discuss custom capabilities, provide quotes and estimate lead times.

    e/ customerservice@circalighting.com

    p/ 877.762.2323

    view our showroom locations

    A typical customization lead time is 3-4 weeks from the product’s in-stock status. Please note: all custom orders are final sale and ineligible for return.


    How do I cancel an order?

    If you need to cancel all or part of your order, please contact us as soon as possible. Cancellations are not guaranteed until you receive an email confirming cancellation. Once an order has shipped, it may not be cancelled. If the order cannot be cancelled, please refer to our return policy.


    How do I check my order status?

    If you placed your order online, please sign in to view your order history.

    If you checked out as a guest, you may look up your order status here.

    If you placed your order via email or phone, please contact customer service to check the status of your order:

    e/ customerservice@circalighting.com

    p/ 877.762.2323

    view our showroom locations


    When can I expect to receive an invoice for my order?

    Orders containing multiple items may ship separately. Once an item from your order has shipped, you will receive a paid receipt along with tracking information.


    What methods of payment do you accept?

    Payment by credit card is required for all online orders. We accept all major credit cards. Circa Lighting will charge your credit card as soon as your order is on its way. Orders consisting of multiple items may ship separately, in which case you can expect to see multiple transactions as each shipment leaves our facility. Payment by check will be accepted for orders placed with our customer service representatives. Please note: orders paid by check will not be processed until the check is received. Please be sure to note your quote number on the check or envelope prior to mailing.
  • international orders

    Can my order be delivered internationally?

    Absolutely! Please contact our international sales rep or call +1.912.662.7880 (Canada 877.762.2323) with your shipping address and we will be glad to estimate shipping charges prior to purchase. 

    We accept the following methods of payment for international orders:



    American Express

    Wire transfer (+$35 USD fee)

    Checks (USD)

    Once I've placed my order, when can I expect my card to be charged?

    Circa Lighting will charge your credit card when your product leaves our U.S. shipping facility. If your order consists of multiple items, it may ship out in separate packages. In this case, you can expect to see multiple transactions as you are charged when each shipment leaves our facility.

    Are there any additional costs that will be due upon receipt of my order?

    Once shipping is estimated, you will be billed duties and taxes separately and directly from the courier.

    What are my international shipping options?

    FedEx Ground is our primary method of shipping; however, you may use your own courier for transit. Should you have a preferred freight forwarder or consolidator, please notify us of their U.S. address. We do not charge for standard shipping within the continental U.S. We will be glad to provide the package dimensions so, that you can get additional quotes, if you wish.

    Can I expedite my shipping?

    We will be glad to provide an estimate for expedited shipping charges including transit times.

    How much duty and taxes are charged on international orders?

    Duty (or customs tariffs) is set by the destination country's customs authorities and is based on a combination of the country of origin or manufacturing of the goods being purchased, and the classification of that merchandise in accordance with a harmonized system adopted and used by each country. Value Added Tax (VAT) rates are set by the destination country. You can contact your country’s local customs department to estimate these fees.

    Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my order?

    Please contact us at international@circalighting.com or +1.912.662.7880 (Canada 877.762.2323) and we will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding your international order.

    Will the fixtures work on my country’s voltage?

    Circa Lighting offers many items wired for your voltage. If needed, we can customize the fixture to your voltage standard for an additional fee. Customization will extend your lead time by approximately 4 weeks.

    Will I need a broker to import the product in my country?

    If your shipment is in transit with a small package courier (such as FedEx or UPS), they will contact you regarding a broker and duties and taxes. These fees will be due upon arrival.

    For larger freight shipments, a broker will be needed and we can recommend one, if necessary. If you have a broker of choice, please notify us during the ordering process and we will include their information on the shipping documents.

  • price matching

    We are committed to offering you our best price 365 days a year. Should you find an identical product offered for a lower price by another authorized dealer, just send us a copy of your quote or link to the website for review and we’ll match it!

  • ceiling fixture installation tips

    TIP: Consider installing dimmer switches to conserve energy and control the intensity of light emitted. Be sure to use bulbs that are compatible with your dimmer type.



  • wall fixture installation tips

    TIP: Consider installing dimmer switches to conserve energy and control the intensity of light emitted. Be sure to use bulbs that are compatible with your dimmer type.


    What kind of installation are my wall fixtures wired for?

    The majority of our sconces are intended for hardwire application only, but may be modified with a plug by a certified electrician unless noted otherwise. Wall fixtures that are wired with a plug will include 3 feet of cord cover and may be modified for hardwire application unless noted otherwise. If you are unsure if a particular style is suited for your needs, please contact a sales representative for assistance. 

    What do I need to know about the size of a sconce's backplate?

    Backplate sizes vary. Make note of the size of your existing junction box and select a fixture with a backplate large enough to cover it. We recommend confirming junction box specifications with your electrician before placing your order.

    SAFETY TIP: Leave ample space between the ceiling and the top of your fixtures to allow adequate airflow and prevent overheating. This is especially important when using incandescent bulbs.


  • outdoor light installation tips

    Note: Our exterior lights are not lacquered and will gracefully patina over time.

    Scale / Size Approximate Guidelines

    Wall Mounted Fixtures
    (dimensions indicate maximum overall height of fixture)

    Ceiling Height6' 8" (80")
    Door Height
    7' (84")
    Door Height
    8' (96")
    Door Height
    9' (108")
    Door Height
    8' – 9.5' 14" 18" 18" 18"
    10' – 11.5' 21" 21" 21" 21"
    12' – 14' 21" 24" 24" 24"
    14' – 16' 24" 27" 27" 27"
    Over 16' 27" + 27" + 30" + 30" +

    Ceiling Mounted Fixtures
    (dimensions indicate maximum overall height of fixture)

    Ceiling Height6' 8" (80")
    Door Height
    7' (84")
    Door Height
    8' (96")
    Door Height
    9' (108")
    Door Height
    9'(108" ) 18" 16" 6"  
    9.5'(114" ) 24" 20" 14"  
    10' (120") 31" 31" 18" 7"
    10.5' (126") 34" 34" 26" 13"
    11'(132") 38" 38" 31" 21"
    11.5'(138") 45" 45" 36" 24"
    12'(144") 50" 50" 38" 30"
    12.5' (150") 54" 54" 42" 36"

    What is the difference between damp-rated and wet-rated fixtures?

    If the fixture will be installed in a place where it will be in direct contact with rain or snow, we recommend selecting a wet-rated model. Damp-rated fixtures may be installed in covered areas and are recommended for bathrooms where fixtures may be exposed to steam or collect condensation.

  • Commercial & Contract Installations

    Are Circa Lighting fixtures UL listed?

    Most of the lights on our website are UL listed.  If your installation requires UL listing, please contact a sales representative for verification.

    Does Circa Lighting accommodate large commercial projects?

    Yes, we can accommodate large commercial projects. 

    Projects requiring 50 or more of an item will enjoy our contract pricing structure. Please contact us for special pricing.

    Talk to your sales representative or call 877.762.2323 to speak to someone about our value engineering options to meet any budget constraints.

    Do Circa Lighting fixtures meet ADA requirements?

    Yes, we have many fixtures that meet ADA requirements – just ask your sales representative.

  • Finishes

    What materials are the finishes made of?

    All Circa Lighting products are made from the finest materials available. Many of our metal finishes are unlacquered and will naturally patina.

    We’ve included a list of all finish, shade and glass codes with descriptions for your reference. Our Signature Finishes set us apart and make the difference for lighting choices that are unique in personality and design appeal.

    Will silver finishes tarnish over time?

    Our Polished Silver is true silver and will tarnish. This finish is best suited to those who prefer to let the finish patina naturally, giving your fixture the look of an antique. 

    All Circa Lighting items are handmade. Does that mean they vary by fixture? 

    Every component has been individually finished by master craftsmen. You may notice small imperfections. These are not defects but, true evidence that each piece is a crafted work of art.

  • Bulbs

    What are the benefits of using energy efficient bulbs?

    Using energy efficient CFL and LED light bulbs is a smart choice for your wallet and the environment. As inefficient incandescent bulbs are being phased out, the market is finally bringing to light high quality, efficient bulbs that deliver the same warm luminosity of your favorite incandescent. The Natural Resources Defense Council has put together an excellent PDF with tips on how to choose a more energy efficient bulb. Their Guide to More Efficient and Money-Saving Light Bulbs can help you decide which bulb is right for you and what to consider when purchasing bulbs for your new fixtures. 

    Still have questions? Contact us and a sales representative will be happy to offer additional guidance.

  • care instructions

    How do I clean my light fixtures?

    Clean all our products with a soft, dry cloth only. Do not use scouring agents, abrasive sponges, hydrochloric acid, vinegar (acetic acid) cleaners, ammonia or metal silicates.

    How do I polish my light fixtures?

    When polishing is necessary we recommend the following:

    • Simichrome Polish for Chrome and Polished Nickel
    • Goddard’s brand polishing cloths for Polished Silver
    • Bri-Wax to refresh and protect our Bronze and Gun Metal finishes
    • Brasso to brighten our Natural Brass, Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass and Antique Burnished Brass finishes
    • Our Soft Silver and Soft Brass finishes should not be treated. Clean with a soft, dry cloth only.
  • Catalog

    Do you have a catalog?

    Yes, you can download our catalog here.

    We recommend shopping from our website in order to ensure that you have access to the most current styles, sizes and overall selections.  If there is a particular item that you are having trouble finding, please let us know and we will do our best to find it.