designer: J. Randall Powers

Houston designer J. Randall Powers has transformed classical interiors and given them a
cosmopolitan beat.
Erudite and devoted to the finest points of design, he is also one of the
most charming me
n on the planet. Whether cutting a swathe through a New York auction house, exploring a very insider Paris flea market, digging through a dusty rare books emporium, or perfecting the hidden but luxurious details of a table lamp, he is intent, alert, and superbly well-informed.

“The history of interior design and decoration is always invention and re-invention. I like to design lighting that is connected to the highest ideals of classical design.  The handful of great designers, architects, and decorators I admire the most are always ‘with me’ as I have studied their rooms
at such length that I know what works and what will not. The rooms and lighting I admire most
express classical balance, pure lines, and an inner logic.”

--J. Randall Powers

Randy has built an extraordinarily dynamic design career on the cornerstone of astute judgment, perfection, and restraint. Working with a focus on quality, superbly edited décor, and opulent materials, he shapes rooms, lighting and furniture designs that are classical and timeless. Randy’s elegant interior design has been published in many national publications including PAPERCITY, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, the New York Times, Veranda and on many top design blogs.

“Design discipline is the key to everything I do. Regardless of the style, I admire restraint, subtlety. Less is more. I aim never to over-design or over-decorate. Composing harmonious and pleasing spaces with beautiful lighting and wonderful interesting objects is always the goal. ”
--J. Randall Powers